If you want to find balance stay on top of a cliff. If you need to find yourself again go to the desert and get lost. If you need to leave things behind, run fast up and down sand dunes.  

Being born in Barcelona and living in Miami there's one thing I really miss: getting in the car every weekend and driving to a totally different scenery. I grew up spending one weekend at the beach and the next one in the mountains enjoying chilly weather and fireplaces. Now, every time I need a road trip fix to clear my mind, I go to California. 

This past week I decided to start my trip on the cliffs of Malibu where I spent "Galentine's" with my good friend and stylist @TheStylistStory. All the single ladies! Celebrating Valentine's with a friend is so much better! Check out her Instagram or mine @bea_torres to see how much fun we had.

We rented one of the most amazing and peaceful places I've ever stayed in: an airstream above the clouds. I'll try my best to explain what I felt staying there but words or pictures can hardly describe my stay at the airstream. 

Located on top a cliff, totally secluded, surrounded by a valley and facing the ocean. Could you ask for more? Yes! Because it's L.A. and if you are a sunset lover like me, you are going to be the happiest person if you stay here. And when the sun is gone, grab a blanket and just lay outside... why? To count stars. 

My favorite part of the airstream is the deck over the cliff. It is incredible at any time of the day.

I woke up to see the sunrise and then did some yoga. At some point the clouds were so low that we were above them. No bikram yoga, no retreat, no nothing... will beat that moment and that place.

At the deck we had breakfast, lunch, dinner, wine, siestas, conversations... Can you imagine the feeling of waking up on top a cliff? Or reading a book surrounded by clouds? 

The interior of the airstream is really nice too. And yes, there is electricity and a kitchen. I always pay attention to the decoration and I really liked all the details in the airstream. 

The airstream is super spacious and when you are in bed it feels as if you were in a spaceship.

Our stay there was healing in so many ways. I tried to breathe it all in but it was time to hit the road again. We drove all the way to Joshua Tree. A national park that it's about 3h from L.A. It is named for the joshua trees native of the park. The park includes two deserts, the Mojave and the Colorado desert. We climbed some rocks on our own but if you want to do it professionally you can too. 


It was my first time in the middle of a desert and let me tell you, being in such a vast place is the best thing you can do if you need to ask yourself some questions. While I was there "The alchemist" keep coming to my mind. I would strongly recommend everyone to spend a night in the desert.

But if you aren't able to appreciate the silence, the darkness, even bats and other animals, then the desert is not for you. 

“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” The alchemist. 

After Joshua Tree, we went to Yucca Valley to stay at another Airbnb. Also in the middle of the desert, surrounded by cacti and animals.

The place where we stayed is called Lazy Sky retreat and they have tents, yurts and airstreams. They are really separated from each other so you'll feel as if you were alone. They'll tell you to watch out for scorpions and snakes at night, totally my type of Airbnb! 

We stayed in the yurt and sleeping there was really fun. 

We could listen to the wind while inside and when we went out it was pitch black so we needed a flashlight. Lucky for me, my friend is a stylist and she thinks about all those things (she had brought one!) We also bought lots of wine bottles! 

Before heading towards our next destination, we stopped at the village to grab a coffee. What was supposed to be a quick stop turned into a 4h shopping spree when we found out that the village had a lot of vintage stores. 

We were supposed to get going around 11am and we left at 3pm, but it's all part of the journey! When in a road trip, be spontaneous! Although, our spontaneity cost us another night because we didn't make it on time to our next destination, the Imperial Sand Dunes. 

I really felt like I was in a Star Wars movie when I got there. There were miles and miles of sand dunes. One side of the dunes was used for quads and dirt bikes. We didn't try that because we were scared but I really wanted to. The other side of the dunes was completely desolate. No bikes, no people.  

We hiked, we tanned and yes, we ran naked up and down the dunes. We had to do it! It is probably one of the most liberating feelings I've ever had. 

The dunes were the last part of our trip and we'll definitely be back to that part of California. There's so much to discover around there. Before I finish this post, I want to thank my friend Diana. I really needed this trip, I really needed to be surrounded by nature and good vibes, and if she is something, is a non-stop giver of good vibes.